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To maintain a good brain memory

After 30 years our intellectual abilities fall into decline and begin to appear in the memory deficit, defined as that power which allows humans to retain past experiences.

Simple questions of everyday life can become small problems when we can not remember where we left the wallet or house keys, as well as remembering the names of places or persons.

The  brain memory of each person varies depending on several factors that depend on the person itself and the environment in which to develop this individual.
It has to do with the ability to focus, with attention, food, genetics, stress, age-associated diseases.
The ability to concentrate is impaired in today's society as we move at a fast pace and we are thinking about many things at once.

"Stress affects the memory gaps because it affects the processing power, to keep the mind make a richer analysis to reconstruct a particular mental activity," says American psychologist Robert Wilson of Chicago.

The lack of physical activity and overwork also have a negative influence.
Another question sometimes is not taken into account is the heavy bombardment by the high data accessibility to the media or Internet.

How to prevent progression?
There are several techniques that can help us to improve our memory:
  • Establish a specific place to make small everyday objects.
  • Exercise your brain cells trying to fix ideas or things we've heard playing them 15 minutes to an hour later.
  • Remember the list of buy creating for a mental image of each of the things found in the list. We can exaggerate these magnified images of size for example in our minds, which will facilitate the recall.
  • Provide continuous care! It may seem difficult when one is mired in concerns but with time and training that helps improve memory as well.

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