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Ten areas to look younger

Deepak Chopra explains that there are various techniques to modify the biological markers. For this, we must act at the physical body (energy or matter, or prana or ki in other traditions), the subtle body (mind, intellect, ego, ideas, emotions, concepts, personality, self-image, etc..)

And causal body (generate causes and causes them to believe the other bodies, here are located the soul and spirit). Thus, from the physical to the causal body, we go from time to eternity, in a cosmic road trip through the universe.

He then detailed the 10 steps mentioned by Chopra to rejuvenate the body and mind.

1. Changing perception:

Our perception - something that is learned - is based on an interpretation of the material universe. Certain technologies such as cellular telephony, the Internet, radio and television, are based on the fact that the essential nature of the world is immaterial.
To change our perception, we can use the huge processing capacity of our intelligence, operating through intention.
A good exercise is to change the notion that we have solid physical body, and experiencing more and more as energy and transformation.

2. Time:

In the causal body and the soul level, there is no time. Through meditation, we can go to that place without time, with the attitude of the observer is situated "inside", inside of himself, and from there observed the flow of reality. If the internal dialogue is maintained consistently, you can do something as amazing as metabolize eternity.

3. Aging:

Our psychological age influences our physical and biological markers. To feel younger, besides the change of perception is vital to deep relaxation, sleeping properly and really relax when you sleep. The poor quality of sleep accelerates aging. What matters is not quantity but quality of sleep, which is evaluated by testing how energetic and rejuvenated it feels to wake up. Sleep quality also improved with the morning meditation.

4. Nutrition:

According to Ayurveda, the body feels satisfied and balanced when you have access to the six basic tastes (astringent, sweet, bitter, salty, sour and spicy). Food should be fresh and natural as possible, because it provides the most amount of prana or energy. Also, take nutritional supplements (multivitamin with minerals), because although we have a good diet, we need due to the large amount of toxins and tensions to which we are exposed daily.

5. Coordination body-mind:

Our habits have led us to dissociate this link. We stopped listening to our body, which is the best computer in the world. Systems exercises like yoga and tai chi are good to recover the mind-body. The best way of integrating the two is through conscious breathing, which produces a movement of energy from the physical to mental.

6. Exercise:

It is vital and is capable of simultaneously reversing the 15 biomarkers of aging. A very effective exercise is 10 minutes of walking energy, 3 times a day.

7. Eliminate toxins

It should eliminate drugs, alcohol and cigarette smoke, but also the emotional toxins, such as fear, depression, guilt, anger and rage, which act at the level of the subtle body. They also create physical toxicity toxic human relationships and the blocking of emotional pain, without experiencing it when it happens. Keeping a diary is a good way to be aware of the emotions we are experiencing.

8. Love:

Giving and receiving love stimulates the immune system. The three levels of expression of love are verbal ( "I love you"), attentional (listen to the other without interruption) and emotional (touching, fondling).

9. Flexibility and creativity:

A young biology is flexible and creative consciousness to solve problems. Before the conflict, she thinks how to transform the situation, not reactive and is not the victim.

10. Mind Juvenile

It is full of admiration and sense of wonder, he knows how to laugh and how to play, maintains innocence. Studies have shown that older persons who live with children, reversed its biological markers.

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