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Infant feeding and spices

Infant feeding and spices
Experts say the best way to educate children is entering the palate flavors and textures. We know that spices are essential when adding a special touch to meals. Well then, is it recommended that you add in the baby food ?

According to the opinion of many pediatricians, it is best to start with very soft food and with little relish for the kids do not suffer indigestion. With the passage of time, as children enter new foods one can begin to spice food . Some people suggest to do little to improve digestive tolerance every day to the stronger flavors however, in some cultures the spices are closely related to the nature of their meals and that is why children eat meals from seasoned the beginning but have severe consequences.

Personally, I have always added a few spices to food not only palatable but delicious. I think the best way to educate a palate is stimulating the senses, with flavors of rich, diverse and avoiding excesses. A little salt, some pepper and a sprig of laurel can transform a bland dish into a delight. And children somehow know ...

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