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Diabetes, like maintaining stable glycemic index I

Diabetes, like maintaining stable glycemic index I
Food in a disease like diabetes is very important because it influences together with the prescribed medication, the blood glucose values remain stable, avoiding long-term variations that can lead to complications.

So when cooking food, a person with diabetes should consider some tips, and cooking some media can raise the glycemic index, it is not the same as eating a vegetable oil, which steamed or fried. Food raw a little more difficult work of the stomach, making it take a little longer to be absorbed and digested, allowing the rise in glucose is not sharp.

In the case of cereals such as rice, it is not the same eating cooked for 10 minutes, which for 20 as it should be clear that the longer the cooking of foods increase if glycemic index and diabetic should just avoid enter your body, high levels of glucose.

Also feeding a diabetic person must remember to proteins and fats as foods that contain these nutrients slow the work of the stomach and therefore the absorption of glucose that provide so if you eat a slice of bread integral that has a good content of glycemic index, when combined with a dollop of nonfat cheese (which contain very little protein and fat), the latter will be reduced glycemic index of toast and consequently that the body assimilates much more slowly.

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