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How to prevent dark circles

Dark circles may appear for several reasons but the most common are fed incorrectly and lose sleep. Currently, there are several treatments that achieve excellent results to avoid or hide them. Find out in this note.

In order to prevent its occurrence, we recommend:
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Sleep well
  • Avoid salty foods
  • Use sunscreen
  • No smoking
  • Do not drink alcohol or caffeine
  • Take overflowing water.
In regard to the cosmetic, it is used both morning and night, a moisturizer specifically for the eye area. This will relieve and care for the area.
Another solution is to use correction. To correctly apply starts by cleaning the skin with a moisturizer. Then place the spell with gentle taps, without stretching the skin, and blend with a sponge in the direction from outside to inside. This product can be used alone, or above and below the foundation, but always ensuring that fuse with the skin.

Home treatment is the use of cold tea bags on eyes to reduce dark circles (if they are caused by allergies obviously this step does not work). Chamomile is one of the most effective natural anti-inflammation. In fact, a cup of tea, this product can help after a long night or even after mourn. You can also use towels, wet two swabs with cold tea and putting them in the eyes for ten or fifteen minutes. Almost all cosmetics manufacturers have special products for dark circles, and usually some of the natural ingredients they use are chamomile, calendula and arnica.

Another solution, although more expensive is plastic surgery. Although surgery is not completely removed the bags, it does remove excess skin in that area, so that dark circles are less noticeable. The most common is to remove the bags under the skin in that area, so that dark circles are less noticeable. The most common surgery that removes the bags under the eyes, often combined with laser treatments for best results.

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