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Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, how ?

Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, how
The origin of stretch marks in pregnancy is multifactorial, according to Dr. John Harvey Gaviria Calderon, a teacher for Cutaneous Molecular Biology at the University of Paris, France. So must be put before the skin through the use of new Dermatological pharmaceutical grade options without waiting for the stretch marks to appear.

The striations are irregular areas in the skin-like bands, stripes or
lines, affecting about 90% of pregnant women appear between weeks 22
and 32. These marks can make self-esteem in women decrease to feel insecure with your body.

The reasons for the emergence of these brands are associated with the skin stretching experienced by the skin during pregnancy, as well as hormonal changes typical this stage, causing damage to the elasticity and moisture of the skin of women. "Where are the stretch marks during pregnancy, many women feel uncomfortable with your body, lose self-esteem and self-confidence, so avoid coming to intimate encounters with your partner.

In this way, we have the stretch marks, besides being an aesthetic matter, cause emotional problems for women, "explained Dr. Harvey.De according to the skin specialist in molecular biology, the key against striations is "prevention." But not just any moisturizer or lubricant formula can be useful because some contain substances that can generate an allergic reaction to the mother and even affect baby.

How to prevent stretch marks ?
How can I prevent stretch marks when I blow up from doing a cycle? I really want to prevent stretch marks because I allready have some and one get.
Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy: Benefits Of Pregnancy
. which are both known to have adverse effects on the skin, can buy creams that contain natural elements like cocoa butter, wheat germ oil, olive oil as well as lanolin. Shortly to follow, prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
A Look at How to Prevent Stretch Marks
If you are a woman who wants to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy strive to ensure you increase weight gradually. Also, you will need to maintain your weight gain
Prevent Stretch Marks And Chapped Skin
How do women prevent stretch marks when pregnant? Well, doctors will say it's all in your genes but what woman won't fight to prevent those nasty stretch marks? There's so many products to choose from, what's good? ...
How to Prevent Stretch Marks Effectively
How to Prevent Stretch Marks Effectively
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