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Sex in pregnancy

In pregnancy goes around and changes everything. There is no organ or function that is not given cognizance of the body is impregnated with the situation of pregnancy. Moreover, the functions are modified in the light do the preparation for childbirth and breastfeeding. That is, prepare for, anticipate, prevent ...

What happens to the genitals and sexuality?
Physical changes during pregnancy, both functions of genital sexuality as they are, at least, disturbed, especially in women. Is it where you can see greater changes.

Once the embryo is installed on the mother's body, makes his own: as not to competence (ie siblings) produces messages (hormones) that originate in the body-vaginal intercourse-a highly uncomfortable state of congestion, which causes alterations in the normal flora of penile penetration difficult. The vagina is moist but not lubricated.

And sometimes there may be a discrete bleeding, resulting from rubbing the penis with a very congested neck. This, of course, cause for alarm and is necessary to clarify the diagnosis.

Moreover, the breasts are swollen, hard, sometimes painful to pressure, with nipples which was so sensitive to pet become impossible. As the pregnancy progresses, increased uterine size and hence the discomfort. The pelvis is filled with blood and emptying after orgasm slows, which can generate a feeling of dissatisfaction after intercourse.

It should also be noted that in recent months, there is no anatomical position that does not create any discomfort to the pregnant and that only individual experience can overcome these drawbacks.

More or less desire?
While many women had a lower desire during pregnancy, there are many who believe not feel affected by it. Moreover, some expressed increasing desire and sexual activity and some people claim to have achieved orgasm for the first time in this period (the latter is mainly observed in women who have had children). Anyway, what remains constant in the mother is the need to be cared for, pampered and protected. Want privacy, if not practice coitus, although this usually makes them think it possible that your husband find another woman.

Inhibition of desire due to infinite causes, from strictly biological-by inhibition of the nerve centers, to the personal story of each couple. The fear of losing the baby if there were previous abortions or difficulty conceiving, is one of the most common.

In women who profess deep religious feelings, sexual pleasure for motherhood often lead to conflicts, especially if they are shared by the couple. Moreover, changes in the body of the pregnant woman may lead to loss of self esteem, which makes the encounter with her husband.

Moreover, society as a whole finds it difficult to integrate maternity and sexuality. For a long time women "hide" your belly under layers or dresses extensive, the figure expressing that love had gone "distributing seed."

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