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Clean your self-limiting beliefs without paying anything

There really is a simple technique that can help you clear all your self-limiting beliefs in a short time a day and completely free.

You can do 30 to 60 seconds when he handles it well. Means no difficulty, requires no special equipment.The only thing required is your mind and your body as they are now. You can do this at any time of day, any place and at any position.

This method is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique by its initials in English) and was developed by Gary Craig as a modification and simplification of thought field therapy. Its purpose is to clean or remove physical and emotional problems. This includes fears, worries, anxieties, doubts, problems stored in the subconscious.

How it works?

The first is to identify which is the belief, emotion, or eliminate problem. It is necessary to tackle specific issues, concise and clear. We are seeking to remove the trees in the forest, to achieve complete elimination of forest.

In addition, qualify of 1 to 10 which is the level of anxiety that causes me this problem.

To take an example, talking about fear of spiders. Construct a sentence as follows:

"Although deeply afraid of spiders, I accept, forgive me and love me totally and completely"

Repeat this phrase while tapping over the base of the hand or, as he massaged the point that is under the clavicle at about 10 cm. the center of the chest. This is done three or four times.

Then repeat the part of the problem by playing the following points:
  • above the eyebrow glued to the center of the face
  • in the outer corner of eye
  • in the mustache
  • on the chin
  • in the center of the clavicle
  • under the nipple
  • under the armpit (where would the SOST)
  • on the crown.

Then, taking a deep breath.

During the second round, makes the following assertions:

I choose to let go of my [in this case, fear of spiders] and I love and accept myself totally and completely forgive myself

I let go of my [...] and I agree, I love and forgive myself totally and completely.

I leave my [...] now, and I agree, I love and forgive myself totally and completely.

And I breathe deeply.

At the end, I return to qualify my level of anxiety, and repeat until you reach zero. That is, it stops being a problem for me.

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